Apple says BMW wireless chargers really are messing with iPhone 15s

Users have been reporting that their iPhone 15’s NFC chips were failing after using BMW’s in-car wireless charging, but until now, Apple hasn’t addressed the complaints. That seems to have changed as MacRumors reported this week that an Apple internal memo to third-party repair providers says a software update later this year should prevent a “small number” of in-car wireless chargers from “temporarily” disabling iPhone 15 NFC chips.

BMW seemed to acknowledge the issue early this month when the BMW UK X account replied to a complaint earlier this month saying the company is working with Apple to investigate the issue. There’s no easy way to know which models are affected, so for now, if you have a BMW or a Toyota Supra with a wireless charger, it’s probably best to just avoid using it until the problem is fixed.

The Verge has reached out to Apple, BMW, and Toyota for a statement, but did not hear back by press time.

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